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Coming soon New Portland real estate Feb. statistics

by Deborah Barouch
We are crunching the numbers next week for the Feb. Portland area statistical update. It compares the Feb. numbers 07 with the Feb. numbers in 06. for number of listings, number of solds and number of pendings in Cumberland County. If you want to recieve our newsletter email us. Best Regards-     Deb Barouch   PSS Isn't it great to have such nice snow! We went snowshoeing yesterday and plan to go today.

multiple offers yesterday

by Deborah Barouch

Yesterday we had multiple offers on 1 of our new listings.It proves that if a property is desirable and priced right then it will get action in this marketplace. There are 2 schools of thought on pricing. #1  price it just above market value so you can have some negotiating room and   #2 price it right at market value and it could generate multiple offers that ultimately net you more in the end. That's it for now. Hope the storm in Maine today does not do any damage.

Interest Rates

by Deborah Barouch

Good Monday morning-    30 Year Fixed Rates  are at 5.78% and 10 Year treasury yield at 4.73%. It is a beautiful cold sunny Maine day. As I look out my window I see the the opposite shore fringed by snow against a brilliant blue sea.

Realtor for "The Family"

by Deborah Barouch

Yesterday I showed an excellent property to the mother of some past clients. It is a very comfortable arrangement because the level of trust is already there and it is very easy to communicate when the client feels comfortable. I always appreciate these referrals. Last year I helped 3 individual members of the same family all in an 18 month period! My client loved the ranch I showed her, it was right around the corner from her daughter and in an excellent neighborhood. It had all updated systems:new furnace, new windows, new roof and hardwood floors and a fireplace. All it would need would be to spruce up the kitchen and baths.  It is a "gem" in the rough. It's amazing the "good" buys that are popping up in this marketplace now.It would also make a perfect investment property. My client plans to rent it until she can move here in a couple years.

Recently I have become more aware of my  environmental responsibilities . I have realized that I must do as much as I can to protect my beautiful state from the effects of global warming.  Our economy depends on keeping Maine as pristine and pure as we can. Therefore we must be as proactive as possible in promoting a "Green" environment. With that in mind, I have decided to offer to all my clients who buy or sell a property from me in Maine, 1% [of my real estate commission] at closing payable directly to any "Green" organization of their choice [that meets the IRS guidelines] There is only 1 restriction on this. All they need to do is ask me and this will apply until Dec.31, 2007.  I look forward to helping you keep our state beautiful. GO GREEN!

Last weekend I was fortunate to attend this conference on the middle east. Senator William Cohen was a keynote speaker and there were many other interesting topics and breakout sessions including a delightful evening at the Embassy of Tunisia. We were hosted by the ambassador himself. It is possible he will come to Maine this June to speak at the World Affairs council of Maine in Portland. As Vice-President of the World Affairs Council of Maine, I felt that it was important to attend this year. We also attended workshops that allowed for sharing tips from other WACA organizations about fund-raising and Board dynamics. I was surprised at how many of my fellow attendees at the conference were interested in Maine and retiring in Maine and interested in buying real estate in Maine. Portland, Maine is now in the national spotlight as a trendy new desirable city that is culturally rich with a diversity of offerings. Several weeks ago Portland was written up in USA Today and this generated even more interest.

When we boarded our flight home to Portland, we saw Susan Collins and I was reminded how hard our delegation in Congress works for us.As we flew over Peaks island, my breath was taken away about how beautiful it was with its white snowy edges contrasting to the brilliant blue sea. Home again at last!

Client from D.C. closes on "dream condo"

by Deborah Barouch

Yesterday was a happy event. I helped my client close on her dream piece of real estate in the Old Port. She lives and works in the D.C. area and is a scientist with the Smithsonian. She has children in college in Maine and so she fell in love with Portland while traveling through. It will provide a relaxing getaway spot where she can shop, eat in great restaurants and visit childhood friends. It is in a historic brick building and has some views of the harbor. A perfect "pied-a-Terre" in the city. It was very satisfying to experience her happiness.And to get to know her family. As usual we had a number of obstacles to overcome to get to closing and it took hard work and tenacity. But it makes it all Worth it when there is a happy ending.





Displaying blog entries 1-7 of 7

Deb Barouch
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