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Recently I was asked to list a small ranch in a beautiful location in Freeport, ME.

The sellers were anxious to start work getting their home ready to sell.

They asked me for suggestions and I complied.

There home had been nicely maintained inside and out, but just needed a little tweaking of "cosmetics"

inside to appear more welcoming.

First we looked at the kitchen. The cabinets had old fashioned hardware that made the kitchen look dated.

I suggested removing the hardware, and getting new inexpensive brushed metal hardware, for a more updated look, as well as a fresh coat of white paint for the cabinets.

The walls were a bland off white, so I suggested a mellow sage color to make the cabinets"pop".

There was also a very dated border trim on the walls. I asked them to remove it before they painted.

I helped them declutter the countertops by suggesting other spots to store their appliances, including removing a large awkward looking microwave that was an eyesore.

Since there kitchen was long and narrow, I suggested moving their table from the end of the room to the middle. I offered to loan them some   classic windsor oak chairs from my staging collection.

I suggested a small "bistro set to be placed in front of the glass french doors where the dining room table had been.

We placed a Print behind the bisto set for a focal point.

The kitchen finally looked welcoming and fresh!

The living room only needed decluttering and some fresh oversized pillows on the sofa, as well as a new print for the fireplace mantel.

I suggested new white towels for the baths for a welcoming feel.

At last the home was inviting with just a little bit of effort.

We received several offers almost immediately after the first open house and we will be closing shortly.

Shining example of Maine's "Green Priorities"

by Deborah Barouch

This is great news! As a realtor with the NAR "Green" designation I try to portray Maine as a state with top "Green" priorities. The "Eastern Trail" is a shining example of the best that Southern Maine has to offer everyday people close to their homes and usable to a large population.



Portland Maine Airport opens New Digs on Oct.2!

by Deborah Barouch

This is great news for our city.  a 75 Million expansion almost complete! Due to open on Oct.2.

At last we will have some relief from the long security lines that sometimes plague us.

Also with 3 new gates, airline competition will help keep prices down perhaps?

As a realtor, I am thrilled to be able to brag about our city's "connectivity" to the rest of the world.

So many of our clients are moving for lifestyle choice reasons,   and easy access to the rest of the world is a definite motivator for choosing to move to and live in our state.


Displaying blog entries 1-3 of 3

Deb Barouch
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