As a smart consumer, I used the internet to associate myself with the Portland area real estate market in anticipation of my transfer from Northern Virginia to Maine. During that road of research, I stumbled on to a website with a catchy phrase: “Call Maine Home with Barouch & Company. It entered the site and after reviewing the information decided this site would better assist me with analyzing the housing market in Maine, especially since the information was more up to date than such sites as Two days later I received a phone call from a real estate professional named Deb Barouch who inquired if she could assist me with any real estate needs. What followed was not pressure sales pitch but rather a dialogue regarding my family, our diverse backgrounds, and my previous experiences in Maine as a child. As I explained my research of the current (limited) pool of homes in the greater Portland area, she offered me access to a whole new tool which wasn‘t available on the web, a bi-weekly market analysis of homes in those locations where I wanted to purchase a home for my family. That tool alone gave me the ability to plan my strategy for future home negotiating with real-time information at my fingertips, especially with the downward trend in home values. In preparation for my house hunting trip, Deb and I consolidated a list of homes that fit my families needs and then we hit the ground running. Well that information paid off….24 hours later I had a home under contract in Scarborough that I was very excited about, a place where my wife and three children could grow up and enjoy all the benefits of Maine. With the assistance of Deb’s associate Ryan Deveaux, they helped guide me through every aspect the inspection process to a very satisfying settlement. The guidance provided by Barouch & Company Realtors was invaluable and without reservation, I would recommend that any future home buyers contact Deb Barouch and Ryan Deveaux for any real estate assistance so that they to can “Call Maine Home”.