My husband and I were on our way back to Portland Maine after enjoying Christmas Eve and Christmas morning in Boston with family.

We had made reservations at The iconic White Barn Inn for 3:00 for Christmas dinner.

There are so many excellent dining spots in Portland that we had never been to the "White Barn Inn"

This seemed a great opportunity.

We were warmly greeted at the front steps by staff members. Which felt very gracious and welcoming.

we were led into the dining room and seated at a table for two.

The ambiance was old world and formal but warm, relaxing and intimate.

We each started off with a Hendrix dry martini. and delicate Maine lobster spring rolls in a Thai inspired spicy sweet sauce.

I chose the classic Beef Wellington with Madeira sauce and vegetable medley, one  of their classic signature dishes. My husband chose the "Steamed Maine Lobster nestled on a bed of homemade fettuccine with carrot, snow peas, and cognac coral butter sauce. This was also a signature dish.

we had paired wine servings as well.

The lobster is taken out of its shell and placed elegantly on top of the fettuccine!

Our server had carefully taken care of ordering our dessert souffles at the beginning of the meal,

so they were ready when we were.

After that I couldn't stop myself from sampling the Christmas pudding.

It was  prix fixe after all!

It was just a short drive home to Yarmouth, Maine. where we could hear the waves lapping outside.

It had been one of the warmest Christmas days on record in Portland Maine, a high of 55 degrees.

No wonder so many folks from "away" are finding it irresistible to snap up the real estate in Maine! Whether it be waterfront property or that "Uniquely Portland City condo or loft"

More next time on the burgeoning loft and condo scene on Portland's Peninsula especially on the "'Eastern Promenade".